Choosing the Right Glue for your Project

Choosing the Right Glue for your Project

Choosing the correct adhesive for your application is very important as it will determine the strength of the bond and its durability. You can save money by choosing the correct adhesive as well.

There are a number of things that factor into the choice of adhesive:

1. Material
2. Surface type
3. Surface Area
4. Clamping time

There are some gluing guidelines that can be very helpful when forming perfect strong bonds. It could make the difference between a very weak and a very strong bond no matter how strong of a adhesive you use.

1. Clean the surfaces free from grease, dirt and loose particles in order to enhance the effectiveness of the glue.
2. Roughen the surface for the glue if needed. Use a fine grit sand paper then clean area. Roughing increases the surface area in contact hence increases bond strength.
3. Clamp the area to hold the materials together if needed. Leave to harden. Disturbing this early would weaken the strength and durability of the bond.
4. Have control over your eagerness which may be harder than it sounds. Don’t use the glued things until fully cured.
5. Sometimes there is a repair in which the joint will have to bear a lot of stress. At that point no glue can do what is required. For example, it has to repair a generator’s kick start plastic wheel. It had to bear all the repeated stresses of the pulls of the wire. In such repairs it is best to use the composite approach.